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   Affiliate Tactical Instructor Kabakas Guro “Mini” Nguyen

Kabakas Guro Mini is originally from San Jose California. She has been in the martial arts for more than 5 yrs since 2005. Kabakas Guro Mini started martial arts during her sophomore year while attending Evergreen High School. She was introduced to the martial arts by a friend and was invited to try the class out with Lakan Guro Young during his Wushu years.


Kabakas Guro Mini fell in love with the martial arts the minute she stepped into class. All the moves she saw were like a graceful dance performed with precision timing as if it were rehearsed like movie choreography. Kabakas Guro Mini knew that she would be addicted and saved every money she would possessed just to be able to continue her lessons with Lakan Guro Young. Amazed by her dedication and her hunger to learn and better herself in life, Lakan Guro young took Kabakas Guro Mini under his wing like a younger sister and trained her to be a protégé under him.


Kabakas Guro Mini’s knowledge grew experientially and she immersed herself it, and utilized all the teachings into her life and school. Kabakas Guro Mini absorbed everything she could learn as if she were a sponge and found her-self striving higher than she ever hoped for. Kabakas Guro Mini specialties span from Wushu, Braodsword, San Shou, Muay Thai, boxing, and her favorite of all Filipino Martial Arts. She thrived in learning Kali because of her fascination of the weapons and how the concept evolved into empty hand. She also loved it because it was not just an art to learn, but a cultural experience, bring her closer to her Asian heritage.


On 2008 during her last year in high school and being a senior, Kabakas Guro Mini joined the United States Air Force as an Active component of the branch. Utilizing her knowledge and wisdom she honed during her martial arts training, Kabakas Guro Mini applied herself to reaching her goals and strived in believing that anything is possible if you put effort in what you want. Today, Kabakas Guro Mini still practices and strives in her life using the concepts she learned from her mentor and teacher Lakan Guro Young to achieve her goals. From deploying safely to Kuwait, and home to the USA, to obtaining her own house and vehicle, Kabakas Guro Mini is a living testament that nothing is un-reachable if you strive and fight hard enough to achieve them, and believe in yourself. Today Kabakas Guro Mini is still a practitioner of the martial arts and current holds an Affiliate Tactical Instructor Level in the Filipino Tactical Systems under Lakan Guro Young. She currently represents the Filipino Tactical Systems in Oklahoma where she is currently stationed in the United States Air Force.