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If you do not live in the area, but would like to start your training in Filipino Tactical Systems then we suggest you start an "Affiliate Training Group".   All you need is yourself and at least one other interested party to get started.  Garages, basements, backyards, parks, dance studios, gyms and office conference rooms work just as well as commercial martial arts locations.

There is no experience necessary to enter as an Affiliate Instructor.  You start as an "Affiliate Apprentice Instructor".  This means you are learning to instruct this material.  Think of “Apprentice Instructor” as more of a “training coordinator” in the beginning.  It has been designed this way so that a person with no experience can join, become exposed to the material, and form a group of training partners in order to work on their own technique development.  After all, the best way to really learn something is to have to share it, or teach it to others.

When you first start you can teach the material as you learn it, but do not have the ability to rank your students in it. As you progress in the Instructor levels, the ability to rank your own people in your group under the “Affiliate Student” levels increases.  This helps   assure quality control within the organization.  It also helps build longevity within your own group.  All members of your training group need to be registered with FTS (Filipino Tactical Systems) as official Affiliate Students in order for either you or us to promote them.

There are Four different types of Instructor Membership, Standard / Associate / Prime / Executive, all with incredible perks and benefits.  You can enter at any level of membership.  See or if you like we can email you a list of benefits for each level.

There are two ways to enter the Affiliate Instructor Program
OPTION 1. Membership fee must be paid in full (one year up front).  This makes the individual an “Instructor Candidate”, meaning they have not been given an official level of Instructor rank until they personally train with Sifu / Lakan Guro Young at least one time. 

OPTION 2. An individual can be automatically placed as an Executive Membership Affiliate Instructor with full benefits if they commit (pre-pay) to hosting a Public Seminar at their location.  This options allows the host to make their money back through charging for seminar attendance.  

Applicant must submit a written "Intention of Entry Into the Program".  They must also personally train with 
Sifu / Lakan Guro Young a minimum of  at least one time in order to evaluate their level (rank) of Affiliate Instructor upon  entering the program.  Personal evaluation training(s) can be done through either: 
A. Scheduling a private session(s)
B. Scheduling a visit to F.T.S. Martial Arts and training in group evening classes.
C. Through a specific Affiliate Program seminar. 
D. By hosting a Seminar in your area.
E. Through multiple general-public seminar attendance.  

Certificates and promotions are only awarded in person.  This helps assure quality control.
Promotion is simple.  There are no testings.  It is based on these elements:

Affiliate “Student”  Promotion Criteria 
1. Knowledge and application of the Goals & Techniques for each section of study.
2. Ability to maintain knowledge and application.

Affiliate “Instructor”  Promotion Criteria    
(various levels of “Instructor” allow you to promote your own group members within the Affiliate Student curriculum up to certain ranks)
1. Knowledge and application of the Goals & Techniques for each section of study.
2. Ability to maintain knowledge and application.
3. Ability to effectively pass on knowledge and application.
4. Consistency and activity within the association. 

Promotions are only awarded personally by Sifu / Lakan Guro Young at Public Seminars, Group Workshops, Annual Gatherings, Instructor Camps, Private Lessons, visits to F.T.S. Martial Arts or other events. 
It is recommended that an Affiliate Instructor with five students or more bring in Sifu / Lakan Guro Young for a Seminar/Workshop (public or private) one or two times a year in order for him to evaluate the level of you and your people, as well as upgrade your skills.
You decide how often Sifu / Lakan Guro Young will come to your location, you (and your group) get your training, and then you teach the follow-up and maintenance of the material. While martial arts schools commonly opt for this method, a training group can be formed and hosted by anyone with no experience at all.

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